There Is A Lot More To Interior Design Than First Meets The Eye

If you think that doing interior design is easy, then think again, as there is a lot more to Interior design than first meets the eye. We have taken inspiration from the top interior designer  London companies and interior design professionals in order to explore why the art of interior design is a complex craft. It really is not a matter about choosing fabrics and furniture and placing them into a room.



What the Interior designer in London is trained to do, is to work effectively and creatively with space. They know where items are best placed, the favoured colours to use and how lighting can add to the feel and shape of the room. As well as all of this, they can plan the practical use of the space in relation to placing the furniture strategically in order to best navigate the space.


Bringing the room together

Interior designers in London are highly trained in the bringing together of all aspects of the room. For example in the living room, the furniture will be complementary to the overall colour scheme and fabrics that are used in window decorations and cushions.

Architectural knowledge

Many people do not realise that interior designers in London have architectural knowledge and training to draw up complex floor plans. It is not just about filling a room with pretty items. The room also needs to be structurally sound, accessible and practical.


Liaising with other professionals 

What the interior designer in London is also very good at is liaising with other professionals such as builders and architects. This networking is vital for the success of he interior design project. They can also negotiate with suppliers in order to get the best deals possible.

There really is a lot more than meets the eye to the busy life of the interior designer. As any interior design in London ( firm will tell you, interior designers are highly trained with years of knowledge about how a room can be made to look its absolute best while being safe, cosy and practical.