Breaking Into Interior Design

Just pause for a moment and absorb these sayings by Sister Mary Lauretta and Mr Benjamin Franklin respectively, “To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work” and “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins“.

If neither of those two sayings strike a match in your veins, just stay where you are until you arrive to a day in the future when it does indeed enflame you. So before we look into all the successful interior designers in London, let’s just examine where you are at in this present moment in time.

Just take 15 minutes out of your day, fix yourself a cup of coffee or grab a glass of wine and answer a few simple questions as to why you are aspiring to become an interior designer in London or anywhere else in the UK:-

  1. Why isn’t my current career working for me and how will I know interior design will satisfy my thirst?
    2. Do I genuinely want a career in interior design or am I just looking for the interior designers in London lifestyle?
    3. Can I afford to fund my career change for example university fees and who will pay the mortgage?
    4. How will my family and friends adjust to my future career change and when will I discuss my choice of career as an interior designer in London, Liverpool or Birmingham?
    5. Have I made a decision to work for an interior designer or should I set up business myself?
    6. How long have I been feeling and agonizing over this, as in the need to change my career or lifestyle?

Do you recall the days when interior design in London were only reserved for the uber rich and how we all dreamed that one day we could have the privilege of hiring an interior designer. Well, times have changed and these days we can all afford to have the privilege of an interior designer, so hopefully we can tempt you to break into this illustrious world of interior design.

Here’s a list for a route to the top:-

– Find an interior design companies course or a university closest to you home, don’t forget to check its credentials on the league tables. Perhaps, start with a foundation or diploma and see how you feel at the end of your term.

– Whilst you are studying on your course, offer yourself as an apprentice to design companies in your area by just writing to them. You will be amazed by the results as you may just get lucky with a manager that appreciates your initiative, this I know as I have personally done it myself. You may need to write a hundred or so, but it will be worth it and ensure your covering letter is hand-written.

– Start creating your own design portfolio, offer to do projects for family, friends and colleagues. Invest in your own website, these days you can find one on theme for as little as £23.

Catch you on the other side!